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On average, 1 out of every 5 children and adolescents in the United States each year experience a mental health problem. Percentages in disadvantaged communities are much higher and consistently rise due to lack of effective high quality mental health services.

Without proper treatment, poor mental health can be detrimental to a youth’s ability to learn, develop friendships, and effectively engage with their families. Most importantly, poor mental health can threaten a youth’s safety.

I.C.U. Counseling and Mental Health Support Services, LLC is a behavioral and mental health care provider for youth ages 3 to 21 established to bring innovative methods to disadvantaged, inner-city communities. Our focus is adding support and reinforcement to already established organizations and programs.


Our individual and group counseling services offer private, confidential, and evidence-based approaches for children, teens and their families in recreation centers, churches, schools, and other community-based settings. With a holistic approach, our services are designed to provide a stronger foundation and increase resiliency for all youth and their families in targeted communities while also being able to specifically treat youth diagnosed with conditions such as, but not limited to:


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)



School Phobias




Mood Disorders



Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD)

Conduct Disorders

Aggressive/Abusive Behaviors


Emotional problems


Determined to meet the various needs of those served, all counseling services are tailored and prescribed for each individual or family.


Our mental health support services address the overall needs of the individuals and communities served. As we strive to be an integral component of these communities, we believe that offering mental health support in the form of forums, trainings, seminars, health fitness groups and more can be advantageous in raising awareness of mental health and its impact on our lives. These events may be open to the public or specifically for other professionals with the purpose of increasing continuity of care.


With a trauma-informed care approach, we provide support in school settings and are dedicated to helping teachers guide our youth to better futures. We will also work closely with city officials and other helping professionals, sharing information on common themes we are finding within communities and building collaborative efforts to help address them.

Lastly, our community outreach events give our staff a chance to serve the community pro bono and build relationships that can increase the overall atmosphere of these communities. As your community mental health provider, we create a welcoming, safe and supportive environment that connects our programs and services to the needs of the individuals and communities served.




With support from many, I survived growing up in a disadvantaged, inner-city community. I understand the perils the youth in these environments face and the overwhelming impact traumatic experiences can have on their lives. Negative experiences become minimized, tragedies are normalized; but as their debilitating effects increase, so does the need for mental health approaches designed to help this population properly overcome life’s many stressors. 

I created I.C.U. Counseling and Mental Health Support Services with a goal of reaching those that may feel neglected or helpless. I strongly believe that all youth have the ability to circumvent their circumstances; however, they need a true system of support in doing so. It is my aim that in giving these youth, families and communities a sense of hope and purpose through our services, we can begin to increase positive future expectations which has been found to influence higher rates of development. I understand this to be no easy task. Nevertheless, I am determined to lead a system that provides high quality, evidenced-based approaches, and innovative methods in meeting those served where they are and providing them with a mental stability that increases resiliency.

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Demetrius R. Smith, MS, ALC

Owner & Executive Director

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